Hugelkultur at TPL

Hugelkultur mound

Hugel-what?  Some new and exciting raised beds in the TPL Gardens this year will include a hugelkultur (pronounced hoogle culture).  In German, the rough translation means “round culture”.  This is a sustainable gardening technique

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Falmouth, Maine — The 21st annual University of Maine Cooperative Extension Cumberland County Master Gardener Volunteer plant sale will be held rain or shine Saturday, May 17, from 8 a.m. to noon, at the Barron Center, 1145 Brighton Ave., Portland. UMaine Extension Master Gardeners Volunteers will answer questions and

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Spring is HERE!

Robert and Yota

Robert and Yota are back!

Yes!!! We started cleaning up the garden and gearing up for the season. Big THANK YOU to volunteers Robert DuBois and Sue Ham who started the spring clean-up and  gathering materials. This year we hope to

  • put in at least 2 if not 3 raised beds, all of them slightly unconventional– hugelkultur, spiral, tray height;
  • have a monthly volunteer gardener activity;
  • get more folks out enjoying the gardens;
  • put in universally accessible pathways.

Now for more pictures:


Sue cleaning up.

Robert hauling wood for hugelkultur bed


Sue cutting back.

compost and bed materials

Compost pile and staging area

Signs of Spring


Garden Tripod DIY Birdfeeders

Who ate all the seeds?

Ok, ok.  It’s been a long winter.  As we approach March-end with temperatures still averaging in the mid thirties, the snow is melting.  We promise!

We may not force the snow to disappear any faster, but the Garden Committee is dedicated to making this the best launch ever of the gardening season!  While we wait for buds to appear, we are busily planning family-friendly programs and events to roll out this year.  Please stay tuned for ways you and your family can get involved!

In the meantime, explore the garden.  There are many signs of spring, and we’d love to hear about your experiences.  Capture bird sightings, tree and flower buds glimpses, and describe the sounds and smells of spring.  Instagramers, please use #TPLgardens when capturing images.  We’d love to see what you discover.  Facebook users, please share your images with us via

Bird feeder Activity

Bird Feeder Activity Day February 15, 2014
DIY bird feeder made out of toilet paper rolls and garden twine .

Hanging edible bird feeders.  Each was made with a birdseed/flour mixture and left to harden.
Volunteers making popcorn garland to hang in the trees and bushes.

Volunteer rolling the toilet paper roll in birdseed after covering with shortening.

Bernardo hanging an abstract bird feeder.

Bird feeders in the bushes.

Garden teepee covered with bird feeders.

Orange peel bird feeder.

Celebrate the Great Maine Outdoor weekend with us!

Bring your family to enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature this winter right here at the Topsham Public Library…

Saturday, February 14th-16th is the Great Maine Outdoor Weekend and we are hosting two events on Saturday the 15th:

  • From 9:15 on will be a hands-on exploration and identification of the trees along the library’s paths using a camera and the Trees of Maine guide.
  • Starting at 10:00am will be a DIY bird feeder activity, perfect to honor National Bird Feeding month.  Choose from several feeder options.  When you are through, head outside to hang them up throughout the library’s gardens and paths and have fun exploring. 

    We look forward to seeing you then!

    National Seed Swap Day

    Did you know that there is a National Seed Swap day?  There is!  It’s the last Saturday of January every year.  Check out this link to learn more:
    National Seed Swap Day


    Although the date has come and gone, it’s never too late to do a little seed swapping.  If you’re ready for some spring-time fun and would like to organize your own seed swapping party, you might like to check out this book:

    Seedswap: The Gardener’s Guide to Saving and Swapping Seeds by Josie Jeffery

    There are also some PDFs from the book that you can download:

    Seed Saving Techniques & Creating a Seed Bank

    If you do host a seed swapping party, we’d love to hear about it!