Master Gardener Volunteers

The Maine Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteers Program has been crucial in supplying volunteers, know-how and inspiration to the Topsham Public Library Gardens. The project began by bringing community volunteers together around an Eagle Scout project to shape the Children’s Garden into a learning and event space that would extend the library’s mission to its outdoor property. Master Gardeners turned out to be the best volunteers because they could be counted on to contribute knowledge, ideas, and commitment as well as sweat.


Sarah Wolpow started working at the TPL Gardens as a Master Gardener Volunteer. When she started her perennial garden design business SweetFern Perennial Garden Design, the library was her first customer.



Her “lower” maintenance, low water, spiral design can be seen in the garden today.


Echoes of the design, if not whole portions will be retained in the future plan. This one was also designed by Irene Barber, another Master Gardener Volunteer turned professional.


More than ever, implementing our future designs for the garden will take careful planning, thought, and organization. More than ever, we are looking for Master Gardener Volunteers to share their skills and passion for cultivating gardens AND community.

IrenePopcornsue2 WinterSeeds


One response to “Master Gardener Volunteers

  1. Dear TPL Gardens,
    I started a children’s gardening initiative called Farm to Table Kids. I partner with local restaurants and build onsite gardens and then welcome local families and children to the gardens to learn how to grow, harvest and prepare produce from the garden. Every Farm to Table Kid’s garden class is FREE and our partner restaurants always prepare a lovely, healthy farm to table snack for all participants.
    This year the Topsham Sea Dog restaurant is hosting Farm to Table Kid’s gardening classes every Thursday at 10:30am. The garden is located across the street from the restaurant (in the West Lot behind Shore & Country Realty).
    I am trying to increase awareness of these free children’s garden classes and would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word.
    Thank you so much!
    Happy Harvest Season!

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